2016 Abc Kids Expo
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Exhibit Space Specifications
Your booth space includes the following:
Size: 10' X 10'
Drapes: White
Back Drape: 8' high
Side Drapes: 3' high
Carpet: Blue Jay (no pad)

The Modern Child pavilion will feature White drapes and Grey carpet.
The Naturally Kids pavilion will feature White drapes and Green carpet.
The Maternity Square pavilion will feature White drapes and Plum carpet

Standard Pricing

# of Booths Cost per Booth Deposit



1/2 Booth Cost



1/2 Booth Cost



1/2 Booth Cost

16 or more*


1/2 Booth Cost

Exhibitors with 6 or more booths receive special low drayage/handling rates

A $299 technology fee is added to each registration for the virtual floor plan, on-site locator kiosk package and interactive news feed. This package includes your company name, logo, phone, fax, product description, and an email contact form. This package is required for all exhibitors.

JPMA Membership Discount
JPMA members receive $200 per booth off the prices shown above. JPMA membership fees must be paid by April 30, 2016 to qualify for the discount. There is no additional JPMA discount on Shared Booths. Click here to learn more.

Additional fees apply if you register for one of the following configuration types.

Configuration Fees

Configuration Fee

End Cap

$1, 000

Split Island




Corner Booth if Available

$ 500


Shared Booths
If you will be sharing a booth with another company that has already registered for the 2016 ABC Kids Expo, you can do so by selecting this option. The booth sharing fee of $1000 must be paid in full within 10 days of submitting your registration. Contact your account manager for details.

A $299 technology fee is added to each registration for the virtual floor plan and on-site locator kiosk package. This package includes your company name, logo, phone, fax, product description, and an email contact form. This package is required for all exhibitors.

Booth sharing must be approved in advance by show management and the primary exhibitor.

All Baby & Child will assign all booth space locations using a variety of predetermined factors, including:

  • Product Category Selection
    Apparel/Layette/Gift, Room Decor/Bedding, Baby Gear, Nursing/Feeding, Baby Care/Safety, Furniture, Toys/Games/Books/AV, Health & Nutrition or Service Provider.

    First Time Exhibitors will be placed within their product category selection. In addition First Time Exhibiitor designation will be notated in the directory, on the carpet logo sticker, and the online floor plan.

  • Specialty Pavilion Selection
    Modern Child®, Naturally Kids®, Maternity Square®, or Invention Connection™

    Specialty pavilions are an optional selection. Modern Child® & Naturally Kids® are juried pavilions and require a separate application. Maternity Square® pavilion is by exhibitor choice.

  • Number of Booths Requested

  • Booth Size, Dimensions, Configuration and Build-out
    Due to "line of sight" compliance issues, larger booths (600 sq. ft. or more) are generally placed along the outer perimeter of the exhibit hall.

  • Date of Registration

  • Timely submission of required documents and payments
All of the above factors are considered simultaneously in the booth assignment process. The ABC Kids Expo does not use a point system in the booth assignment process.

ABC Kids Expo reserves the right to change the floor plan (including, but not limited to, aisle space), and booth assignments without notice, to provide a more satisfactory, attractive and successful exposition.

Assignments will be made approximately 90 days prior to the show.
Assignments are not confirmed until payment is received in full.

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