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Exhibitor Policies


The following terms and conditions ("Terms and Conditions") shall govern the use of exhibit space at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo, to be held in
Las Vegas, NV.

Exhibit and Display Space
All Baby & Child Corporation ("ABC") shall, at its sole discretion, assign all booth space locations using a variety of predetermined factors. Booth space locations may be changed at any time by show management. Requests for placement on corners, end caps or other booth configurations, or near or next to other exhibitors, shall be considered but cannot be guaranteed. Prior participation at ABC Kids Expo shows is not a factor considered in booth placement and ABC does not use a point system in the booth assignment process. ABC reserves the right to change the floor plan (including, but not limited to, aisle space and booth assignments), in its sole discretion, without notice, to provide a more satisfactory, attractive and successful exposition or to meet fire marshal requirements. All booth space is sold in increments of 100 square feet (10 feet x 10 feet). Booth sharing is only permitted by approval from ABC and the primary exhibitor. No more than two exhibitors may occupy a registered booth space regardless of booth space size. Exhibitors requesting island or split island configurations, regardless of square footage and those requesting 600 square feet (6 [six] 10 feet x 10 feet) or more are required to submit their entire booth specifications including but not limited to walls, fixtures, curtains, overhead signage, use of vehicles, etc. for approval by ABC no later than April 15, 2015. Booth assignments will not be made without plan approval. Once specifications are approved by show management, any revisions must be re-submitted for approval. Modification to booth size cannot be accommodated after April 15, 2015.

Each exhibitor space includes pipe, drape and carpet. Exhibitor may supply its own tables or display cases provided that all items can fit completely within its designated space and comply with all “line of sight” guidelines, as provided in these Terms and Conditions. Exhibitor is prohibited from displaying any objects or stacking any items in a manner that would present a danger to other persons. Determination of exhibit safety shall be at the sole discretion of ABC. Animals and pets are not permitted in the exhibit hall except in conjunction with an exhibit approved by ABC in writing. Seeing-eye and companion dogs are permitted.

First Time Exhibitor Requirements
If this is your first time exhibiting at the ABC Kids Expo, please submit the following documentation.

  1. Copy of state or local resale tax certificate or VAT certificate
  2. Any 2 of the following:
    1. Proof of shipment from supplier
    2. Proof of shipments to at least 3 retailers/e-tailers with shipping confirmations
    3. Letter of verification from at least 2 retail stores that currently carry the product

Authorized Signature & Deposit Required
All registrations shall be processed upon receipt of required documentation. A “Pre-registered Exhibitor” is one who registered before January 1, 2015. Pre-registered exhibitors must pay deposits by January 30, 2015, with final payment due no later than May 29, 2015. Deposits for exhibitors registering after January 1, 2015, are due within 7 days of receipt of invoice. After May 30, 2015 payment for booth space is due in full within 7 days of receipt of invoice. Deposits must be made by check, ACH, EFT or wired funds only. Booth assignments shall not be made without ABC's receipt of the required deposits.

Deposits for booth space are as follows:
Shared Booth Space - entire invoice amount
All others - 1/2 of invoice amount

Additional charges will apply for island, split-island and end-cap configurations. A separate required fee applies for interactive floor plan participation. Exhibitors may not opt-out of the interactive/virtual floor plan.

ABC reserves the right to reject any application for any reason and reserves the right to amend (i.e., increase or decrease) rates and booth space specifications at any time.

All monies are non-transferable and deposits are non-refundable. Total booth payments are non-refundable after May 30, 2015. Applicable discounts will be credited separately. All discounts will be void if monies are not paid on time. All monies paid for New Product Showcase, Made in USA Showcase, Invention Connection, Modern Child Pavilion Fees, Maternity Square Pavilion Fees, Naturally Kids Pavilion Fees, Runway Fees and for advertising or sponsorships are non-refundable. The cost of booth space is non-negotiable and Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees by signing these Terms and Conditions that it shall be responsible for the payment of any balance due. Applications for exhibit space shall not be processed without being signed and dated. Access to exhibit and display space shall be contingent upon the signing of these Terms and Conditions and their acceptance by ABC, along with payment of all applicable fees.

Rules and Regulations
The 2015 ABC Kids Expo shall be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center (the "Convention Center"). Exhibitor agrees to comply with the rules and regulations of the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority including the use of its exclusive contractors. Exhibitor shall observe and abide by the terms and conditions and such other rules and regulations that ABC may adopt from time to time. All booths must be completely setup during designated setup times prior to the show. Booth setup may not be conducted once the show has commenced. Exhibitor is expected to conduct business in the exhibit hall during the published show hours of operation. Special events, including but not limited to meetings, receptions, entertainment, etc. must be approved in writing by ABC at least 60 days prior to the start of the show. Exhibitor assumes responsibility for compliance with all pertinent ordinances, regulations and codes of duly authorized local, state and federal governing authorities (including local electrical codes). Exhibitor further agrees to abide by and comply with rules and regulations concerning local unions or other authorized contractors. Exhibitor agrees to comply with all Americans with Disabilities Act accessibility requirements.

Exhibitor and it's representatives or affiliates may not cause harm to or defame other exhibiting manufacturers' exhibits, persons, products or reputation during the trade show. Exhibitor and it's representatives or affiliates may not serve or have served by any means, legal documents during the entire ABC event in any facility occupied by ABC. Theft of exhibitor property, products, display materials or other items within the convention center by exhibitor, its employees, representatives or affiliates will not be tolerated. Exhibitors and it's representatives who do not abide by the above rules shall be escorted out of the exhibit halls and shall be ineligible to register for future shows with ABC. Exhibitors escorted out of the exhibit halls due to violation of this provision shall be considered to have forfeited all monies paid to ABC in connection with the ABC Kids Expo.

Use, Signs and Advertising
Exhibitor and its representatives may not exhibit, solicit business or perform demonstrations outside of their own designated booth space, including but not limited to exhibit hall aisles, foyer or concourse areas, other exhibitors' booth locations, Convention Center restaurants, hotels, and public areas inside or on the grounds of the Convention Center. Exhibitor shall ensure that all exhibits, displays and signage are professional in appearance and appropriate in content. No signs may be displayed on persons or otherwise outside the exhibit space. Distribution by Exhibitor of any printed matter, samples, or other articles shall be restricted to the exhibit space. Exhibitor further agrees that it shall not endorse, promote, participate in, or otherwise advertise any other trade show or venue within one hundred miles (100) of Las Vegas or the surrounding area during the ABC Kids Expo show dates, setup dates or teardown dates without the written approval of ABC. Violation of this policy shall result in immediate loss of booth space at the 2015 show and forfeiture of all monies paid for said booth space, as well as appropriate damages to ABC Kids Expo and other exhibitors.

ABC may remove any person during the show who ABC believes is disrupting or obstructing proper operation and management of the show.

Exhibit Requirements
By registering for exhibit space at the 2015 ABC Kids Expo, Exhibitor agrees to comply with the rules and regulations governing booth exhibit fixtures, materials and products contained within its assigned booth space as set forth in the International Association of Exhibitions and Events guidelines (IAEE). Exhibitor will follow all instructions of ABC personnel. Violation of this policy shall result in immediate loss of booth space at the 2015 show and forfeiture of all monies paid for said booth space, as well as appropriate damages to ABC Kids Expo and other exhibitors.

Click here for the IAEE rules governing the set up of exhibit booths.

Exhibitor's booth(s) may not block any aisles in the exhibit hall, unless approved in advance by both ABC and the Las Vegas Fire Marshal. There are only certain areas within the exhibit hall where the blocking of aisles shall be permitted. In addition, show policies concerning the "blocking of the line of vision" to neighboring booths shall be strictly enforced. Exhibits must remain intact until the scheduled conclusion of the show, as such time as established by ABC. The packing up of products or dismantling of booth fixtures and equipment prior to the close of the show will result in loss of booth space for the following year’s show.

Distributors acting as exhibitors are entitled to display within their designated space brands for which they have signed and executed distributor agreements. Distributor must furnish ABC a copy of the first and signed back page of the distribution agreement as it pertains to each brand no later than August 31, 2015 for approval.

Care of Building and Equipment
Exhibitor shall not place any refuse or any material which shall endanger public safety or cause inconvenience to other exhibitors on the floor during exhibit hours. Exhibitor and its agents shall not injure or deface the walls or floors of the Convention Center, the booths, or the equipment of the booths, other exhibitors products or property. When such damage occurs, Exhibitor is liable to the owner of the property so damaged. Exhibitor agrees to pay ABC for any damages resulting from any act or negligence in such sum as may be necessary to restore the premises to their original condition.

Exhibitor and its agents shall dress in appropriate attire and shall conduct themselves in a courteous and professional manner at all times. Exhibitor must have its exhibit and display spaces ready to open 10 minutes prior to the published opening of the ABC Kids Expo each day and must coordinate staffing to ensure coverage through all published hours on a daily basis. No product, exhibit, or display shall be allowed that is dangerous, offensive to the public, 4 creates a nuisance, or is inconsistent with, harmful, or detrimental to the purposes of the ABC Kids Expo. ABC has the sole authority to determine whether a product, exhibit, or display shall be disallowed or removed from the exhibit hall.

Assignment, subletting, leasing or transfer of exhibitor space by Exhibitor is prohibited. Exhibitor shall not exhibit or permit to be exhibited in the exhibit space allotted to it, any merchandise other than that specified in the application. ABC may assign or transfer all or part of its rights under these Terms and Conditions.

Exhibitor Badges
Exhibitor and its employees shall obtain badges from the ABC Kids Expo office or registration desk and wear the badges while in the show at all times. Exhibitor Badges are only provided for the individuals employed by the company that are confirmed exhibitors for the 2015 ABC Kids Expo. Separate wristbands/badges shall be issued to setup/teardown employees being used for the express purpose of setting up and/or tearing down exhibits and these wristbands/badges shall only be valid during the designated setup and teardown hours of the show. BADGES WILL NOT BE MAILED. After September 1, 2015 you will need to register in person and provide necessary documentation at the show. A late registration fee of $50 per person will apply. Sales Representatives must register separately. Other members of the industry must contact Amanda Francis at (210) 691-4848 ext. 113 or amanda@theabcshow.com for registration information.

ABC Kids Expo shall list exhibitors' company information and booth space assignments in its official directory, addendums, or map books. ABC shall not be responsible for errors or omissions occurring in the printed directory or for unintentional failure to include an exhibiting company in the printed directory, addendum or map book.

Exhibitor is solely responsible for compliance with all copyright laws with respect to the performance of broadcast or live or recorded music during or in connection with the show. All broadcast mediums must be within acceptable tolerance levels such that they do not disrupt the activities of neighboring exhibitors or as determined by ABC. Any complaints by neighboring exhibitors may result in ABC's notification to Exhibitor that such broadcast mediums must be discontinued.

Removal of Merchandise
Exhibitor is responsible for the removal of its entire display, including without limitations, walls, floors and furniture during the designated dismantling hours as shall be determined by ABC. Exhibitor should make certain removal is completed by its employees or other authorized agents. ABC shall not be liable for unauthorized removal or theft of articles, merchandise, equipment, displays or other property. Merchandise left after the conclusion of the dismantling hours is subject to disposal. ABC shall not be responsible for any damage or injury to disposed items. No merchandise may be removed during show hours except as approved by show management.

No merchandise may be removed during show hours except as approved by show managment.

Children under the age of 16 shall not be allowed admittance into show exhibit areas, meeting rooms or foyer areas during the designated setup and teardown hours of the show. Please make sure that you have made proper arrangements for the care of your children during these designated times.

The taking of photographs in the exhibit hall or meeting rooms of the Convention Center is expressly prohibited without the prior written consent of ABC and exhibiting manufacturer unless the photographs pertain to your own booth or display. A professional photographer is available for exhibitors' booth needs by appointment and on a first-come first-serve basis. Confirmed Media are hereby automatically granted consent to take photographs by ABC.

Exhibitor and its contractor(s) shall maintain Comprehensive General Liability Insurance and Personal Injury Coverage at their sole cost and expense for all of its activities at the show, and shall have All Baby & Child Corporation and any party designated by All Baby & Child Corporation named as additional insureds on all such policies. General Liability Insurance Coverage must be at a minimum one million dollars ($1,000,000) per occurrence, two million dollars aggregate ($2,000,000). Please do not include automotive insurance unless you are planning to have an automobile as part of your booth exhibit. Exhibitor and its contractor(s) shall also maintain, at their sole cost and expense, Workers Compensation Insurance for employees participating in the show, as required by law. Evidence of insurance coverage in the form of a valid Certificate of Insurance specifying the limits of liability must be provided to the ABC Kids Expo office 90 days prior to the show. Exhibitor will be prohibited from participation in the show if the Certificate of Insurance has not been obtained and presented to show management.

Hazardous Materials
ABC Kids Expo prohibits Exhibitor from bringing any exhibit(s), equipment, vehicle(s) or material(s) into the exhibit space if ABC determines that such is dangerous to persons, property or any part of the exhibit space or building. ABC shall not be responsible for termination or interruption of any program or event arising from information possessed or threat received by ABC concerning an imminent danger to any part of the building or any of its occupants except as provided in the rules and regulations of the Convention Center.

IIntellectual Property
Exhibitor promises not to infringe any intellectual property rights of other exhibitors, including but not limited to infringing any patent, trademark, or copyright; provided however, Exhibitor acknowledges and agrees that (i) ABC will not take sides in determining any issues of law or fact relating to the Exhibitor’s or any other exhibitor’s products; (ii) ABC has no obligation to protect the intellectual property rights of Exhibitor from any other exhibitor or third party; and (iii) Exhibitor at all times should undertake to protect its own intellectual property rights in the manner Exhibitor deems appropriate.

Limitations of Liability
Under no circumstances is ABC or the Exhibition Venue (the "Exhibition Providers") liable for lost profits or other indirect, incidental, consequential, or exemplary damages for any of their acts or omissions in connection with the ABC Kids Expo whether or not such Exhibition Provider has been apprised of the possibility of such damages or lost profits. In no event will ABC's liability hereunder, or otherwise in connection with the ABC Kids Expo, exceed the amount actually paid to it by Exhibitor for the Space. None of the Exhibition Providers or ABC are liable to Exhibitor for any damage, loss, harm, or injury to the person, property or business of Exhibitor, or any of its visitors, officers, agents, employees, or other representatives, resulting from theft, fire, earthquake, water, unavailability of the venue or intermediate staging facilities, insufficient participation, accident or any other reason in connection with the ABC Kids Expo or any planning meetings, demonstrations, or stagings, except to the extent such liability arises directly from the willful misconduct of the Exhibition Provider against whom liability is sought to be assessed.

Cancellation Policies
Exhibit space costs must be paid in full in accordance with the specified payment deadlines. ABC may cancel this contract without refund to Exhibitor and may re-assign any exhibit space upon failure of Exhibitor to make payments as required hereby, to abide by the Terms and Conditions or other rules and regulations as provided, or to claim its assigned exhibit space prior to the opening of the show. If the show or any part thereof is prevented from being held, is canceled by ABC, or the exhibit space applied for herein becomes unavailable because of war, fire, strike, government regulations, facility construction, public catastrophe, acts of God, acts of terrorism, the public enemy or any other cause, ABC shall determine and refund to exhibitors their proportionate share of the balance of the aggregate exhibit fee received, if any, which remains after deducting expenses incurred by ABC, but in no case shall the amount of refund to any one exhibitor exceed the amount of the exhibit fee paid. Cancellation of this contract by Exhibitor shall not result in a refund, credit or transfer of exhibit space.

Privacy & Security
ABC is committed to protecting your privacy online. Your personal information is highly valued and we want you to know that we have done everything possible to ensure the safety, security and confidentiality of the information that you provide to us.

Non-personal information provided to ABC, such as your company's information regarding name, address, phone, FAX, e-mail and web site addresses, number and location of trade show booth space and names and number of trade show attendees from your company shall be treated as public knowledge and may be available on our web site and/or in materials provided to trade show attendees.

While the Convention Center and/or ABC may provide periodic security service, ABC does not accept responsibility for lost, damaged, or stolen articles. Exhibitor agrees that ABC is not liable for anything the Convention Center's security service, if any, does or fails to do. This includes, but is not limited to, damage, theft or loss sustained by Exhibitor's exhibits.

Union Rules
Union labor will be required for certain aspects of your exhibit handling. Teamsters Union Local #631 has jurisdiction, through a labor agreement with Fern Exposition Services for the erection, touch-up, painting, dismantling, and repair of all exhibits, when this work is done by persons other than your full-time company personnel. This rule prohibits the utilization of workers hired from a non-union agency or company.

If full-time company personnel are utilized to set an exhibit, they should carry positive company identification, such as a medical identification card or payroll stub.

Please refer any questions you may have to an on-site Fern Exposition Management employee.


ABC Kids Expo management reserves the right to
change its policies at any time and without prior notice.



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