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Naturally Kids® is a showcase of juvenile products manufacturers that focuses on producing environmentally friendly products which are healthy for families and young children. In addition, they demonstrate a responsibility to our planet and its natural resources. This juried section of the show represents a comprehensive collection of manufacturers within numerous product categories. To exhibit in this area, each company must complete and submit an application to be juried by an independent selection committee consisting of two manufacturers, three independent retailers, a member of the ABC Kids Expo Staff and a member of our Media. Manufacturers and their products are reviewed annually in order to maintain compliance with Naturally Kid's® selection criteria. Prior participation does not guarantee future acceptance.

Selection criteria:

  • A majority (90%) of the company’s product line must be from a sustainable natural and/or organic raw material(s) and compound(s). With plastics, they must be a non-leaching/non-toxic “safe plastic”.
  • An industry leader in reducing emissions and supporting environmental concerns worldwide.
  • A consistent and continuous flow of new product development and innovation.
  • A proactive participant in ongoing efforts to improve its manufacturing processes to reduce emissions, improve efficiency and encourage waste reduction.
  • Company demonstrates a commitment to manufacture based on principles of renewable, recyclable, reusable and sustainable materials.
  • A copy of the companies mission statement or statement of purpose.
  • Provide documentation/certification from government agency or similar documentation from an independent third party (i.e. USDA Organic, JAS, Australian Certified Organic, BIO/Germany, Certified Organic, International)

This jury/committee will meet once a month for 4 months beginning in January 2016 to review application submissions.

If approved, an application fee of $350 will be invoiced and is due within 10 days of receipt. This fee helps offset the cost of special carpeting, signage and publicity in the show directory and show floor plans.

All approved applicants will be required to provide a complete and detailed retailer customer list (store name, contact person, complete mailing address, e-mail) to the ABC Kids Expo for the sole purpose of creating special direct promotions to these retailers and encouraging registration and attendance at the expo.

Final deadline for application submission is: April 15, 2016.


For more information on Naturally Kids®, please contact
Becky Alarcon at extension 101 or at becky@theabcshow.com

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