2012 Abc Kids Expo
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Sponsor Testimonials

Please click here for the Advertising/Sponsorship Order Form, then complete and email to deanna@theabcshow.com

Tote Bags - $30,000 (SOLD)      (Show/Hide Details)
An outstanding opportunity to demand brand recognition with the entire show! Have your company’s name/logo on the official show tote bag carried by attendees throughout the show.

New Product Showcase - $20,000     (Show/Hide Details)
Celebrating the 10th year of success and growth of the New Product Showcase!

Badge Holders - $18,000     (Show/Hide Details)
Have your company's name/logo imprinted each badge holder issued to all attendees! (excluding manufacturers and representatives)

Lanyards - $20,000   (Show/Hide Details)
Your company’s name and booth number will be prominently displayed throughout the show as attendees wear your branded lanyards.

Media Center - $15,000      (Show/Hide Details)
Receive maximum exposure from media by sponsoring the Media Center!

The USA Showcase - $12,000      (Show/Hide Details)
Returning for the 2nd year, a showcase dedicated to USA products!

Networking Events Sponsorship Opportunities - $4,500 - $10,000     (Show/Hide Details)
Sponsor the most exciting Networking Events and be seen by all attendees during the industry party!

New Product Showcase Reception - $7,500     (Show/Hide Details)
Your company will be recognized as sponsor to more than 100 members of the national and international media and specialty retailers that are all invited to attend the New Product Showcase Reception.

Mobile App - $10,000 (SOLD)      (Show/Hide Details)
Promote your company name and booth number as attendees use the mobile version of the Virtual Show!

Happy Hour in The U.S.A. Showcase! - $7,500      (Show/Hide Details)
Retailers and Media will be provided beer and wine at The USA Showcase on Tuesday, October 20th (3:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.), recognizing your company as the sponsor!

Naturally Kids Park - $7,500      (Show/Hide Details)
Promote your company to attendees as they relax in a park like environment in the Naturally Kids section of the exhibit hall.

Cyber Café - $6,600 (SOLD)     (Show/Hide Details)
Have your company name/logo on the landing page of the monitors and on Cyber Café kiosk signage for attendee usage!

Hops Stop - $6,600
Margarita Garden
- $6,600
     (Show/Hide Details)
Drive traffic attendees to your booth and promote your product as you provide them with a token redeemable for a margarita or beer!

Photo Booth - $6,500 (SOLD)    (Show/Hide Details)
Booth provides photo strips with your logo and photos can be shared immediately via social media!

Column Wraps - $6,000 ea.      (Show/Hide Details)
Make your company the first thing attendees see when they arrive at the Convention Center and the last thing they see as they leave!

Attendee Shuttles - $5,000 for two shuttles     (Show/Hide Details)
The ABC Attendee Shuttles are always one of the most popular services used by attendees. Don't miss this opportunity to provide a much-appreciated service of shuttling attendees around our exhibit halls, while promoting your company’s name/product/logo/booth number and services.

Product Locators - $5,000 ea.     (Show/Hide Details)

ABCtv Charging Station Sponsorship - $5,000 ea      (Show/Hide Details)
Provide attendees with a way to quickly charge almost any portable cell, iPod, iPad, or tablet in approximately 7 minutes as they watch the ABCtv Exhibitor Commercials!

Escalator Graphics - $5,000 ea.     (Show/Hide Details)
Prime location for maximum exposure!

Runway Show – The Live Event! Refreshments - $4,500     (Show/Hide Details)
Treat attendees to refreshments while at the Runway Show – The Live Event!

Registration Counter Inserts (Kick Panels) - $1,000 ea.     (Show/Hide Details)
Graphics on the front of the Registration Counter provide high visibility to attendees, each day, as they enter the show.

Badge Holder Pickup Counter Inserts (Kick Panels) - $1,000 ea.     (Show/Hide Details)
Graphics on the front of the Badge Holder Pick-up Counter provide high visibility to attendees, each day, as they enter the show. (located in lower lobby)

Mother’s Privacy Rooms - Primary Exclusive Sponsor $4,000 (SOLD) (Show/Hide Details)
Market your product or brand in a different way - directly to the moms attending the show.

For further information on sponsorship opportunities,
please contact DeAnna Nowlin at (210) 691-4848 ext. 103 or deanna@theabcshow.com

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